Sunday Worship at 9:30 am & 11:00 am

What makes us different?

Church.  Different.

Not just a place you go....something you are a part of 

Focused on mission.

Life is short and people are busy. While other churches compete with the events in your life, we want to help you do them for Christ. Every Christian is in fulltime ministry; so that every soccer practice, errand, or phone call is part of your mission field. Rather than burden people's already full schedules with events, the Mission is streamlined - no church programs exist for the sake of filling our calendar. We want people freed up to minister as the Spirit leads them. Sunday morning is for inspiration, God-encounter, and discipling our kids in the faith. Our community groups (X3 Communities) are our time to learn together, pray together and to be on mission as a team.  Each community group has a specific mission.

A family of friends.

Relationships are what matter in life. Consider Jesus' relationships - with His Father, family, friends, disciples, lost people, strangers, the sick, and even enemies. Today, we enjoy a special relationship called the "church." Paul calls this our spiritual family, where we journey through life together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We're also called to friendship. Occasionally we'll hurt and offend one another, which is why we forgive one another. Axis is a place where you can know and be known, love and be loved.

Creative, relevant Bible teaching.

Giving Peter his pastoral marching orders, Jesus said, "feed my sheep." But have you ever left a church service still feeling spiritually "hungry" or unable to remember the point? Sermons long on personality and short on Scripture are common and lacking. It's in the Bible that we encounter God and He changes our lives. We teach the stories of Scripture verse-by-verse in creative, engaging ways. 

Sunday morning's not a show.

Has worship ever felt a little forced, or the singers seem like they're performing? At Axis, we see Sunday morning as a Sabbath - a God-given Oasis from the attacks of life. It's a special time of rest, reflection, and reconnection with our Lord. It's a time to pray, encounter God in His Word, and give Him worship. Our services may not be polished or perfect, but they're guaranteed to be authentic. Just like the people here.


Legalism doesn't just apply to people trying to earn salvation (as in Galatians). Most often it arises in church culture. As insecure human beings, we long for acceptance. Unfortunately, validation comes easy through judging another. Knowing Christians vary in convictions (Rom. 14) for a variety of reasons, we respect each other's liberty. As sinners saved by grace; we extend grace to one another. It's what helps us laugh and love our way through life together.