Memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to hold the promises and encouragement of the Bible close to our hearts.

During our series, Joyride, we have focused on one scripture each week. We are challenging you to memorize these throughout the series, and to help we have created a lockscreen for your phone. Download these, save them, write them on an index card, whatever you need to do to keep these words of scripture close. 

If you have missed any as we have posted them, catch up below!

philippians1-6.1 philippians1-6

toliveischrist toliveischrist1

lifeworthy1 lifeworthy

nothingoutof nothingoutof1

samemindset samemindset1

doeverythingwithout2 doeverythingwithout1

philippians33 philippians331

presson presson1


donotworry donotworry1

whateveris whateveris1

contentinsituation contentinsituation1

allthingsthrough allthingsthrough1

mygodwillmeet mygodwillmeet1