How do we do this? Well, our strategy is best seen visually. The X in our logo represents a person who is revolving their life around Jesus.


1. It starts with a person getting to know Jesus or "exploring faith" in Him. This is the foundational stage. We find this often happens through a personal relationship with someone who loves Jesus and an invitation. Or it might be a life crisis or change in life that starts someone on that journey of faith.

2. That leads to someone really growing in their relationship with God where they are learning to read the bible, pray and discover God's will for their life. They also are growing in relationship with other followers of Jesus and building lifelong, positive friendships. We call this "experiencing relationships with God and others."

3. Finally, the top of the X represents arms outstretched in loving service to others. We call this "express love." At Axis, we have several community groups that each show the love of God in their own unique way.