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Life at its best is experienced with other people. At Axis, we love the concept of team!

Our community groups are our teams within a team. They are groups of 15-40 people who come together to enjoy life in meaningful relationships and to join arm in arm in the mission of Jesus.

Jesus called all of his followers to 3 key disciplines. Our community groups all focus on these three things.

eXplore faith in God

Every disciple of Jesus is concerned about their COMMUNION with GOD. The pursuit of their life is to be in ever growing communion with the Lord. Every Community Group comes together to help reinforce this value of a growing relationship with God. There will be times of studying the bible together, special times of praying together, spiritual retreats and more.

eXperience relationships with others

Every disciple of Jesus realizes that they are part of a team and is dedicated to experiencing true COMMUNITY with OTHERS. In the bible, community was more than just “chips and dip.” The bible uses words like, “there were no needy persons among them.” So our community groups look to help each other and lean on each other. And they have a lot of fun. Our communitiy groups love to hang with each other. Bonfires, movie nights, girls night out dinners, even family campouts are just some of what groups have done together.

eXpress God’s love to the world

Every disciple of Jesus has a deep COMMITMENT to the MISSION. Being a disciple of Jesus means that His mission of loving the world and leading them to a relationship with Him, is also our mission. Each community at Axis is involved in expressing God's love to the world and working together to show the compassion of Jesus and to serve others.




If you want more infomation about joining a community group, please e-mail us at and we will help you get plugged in!